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e-free* Silane


The use of silanes for silica and other mineral coupling in industrial rubber, tire and shoe manufacturing has been widely practiced for decades. Momentive has developed e-free silane, a mercaptofunctional silane that can help reduce ethanol emissions during processing. This mercaptofunctional coupling agent promotes coupling of polymers to inorganic substrates, including silica, silicates and metal oxides.

Tire and Rubber Brochure

With e-free silane, there are virtually no ethanol 1 emissions - helping manufacturers meet ever more stringent environmental requirements and demands for better product and value performance. Use of e-free silane also may allow greater freedom of design and overall performance equal to or greater than many standard silanes. These e-free silanes typically feature improved processing characteristics such as reduced viscosity, faster cure and minimized scorching.

e-free silane can reduce, and almost eliminate, ethanol emissions during mixing while also providing shorter curing cycles. More effective coupling, better filler dispersion, less reagglomeration of filler, higher modulus and tensile strength, and improved abrasion resistance may be achieved in rubber products - in a more environmentally responsible manner. 

Discover how the e-free silane brand can be used in reinforced rubber applications.

* e-free is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

1Contains less than 1% by weight, total releasable ethanol

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e-free* 189 Silane

e-free* 189 silane is the latest advancement in silanes for mineral coupling with all-around excellence in performance and significant improvements in processing, allowing for reduced manufacturing costs. Learn more.

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