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AgroSpred* Agricultural Adjuvants


An extension of the successful, widely used Silwet* brand of spray adjuvants, AgroSpred products were developed in response to specific needs observed among growers in particular world regions. Whether cutting in half the needed fungicide for a regionally prevalent fungus, or controlling weeds in arid regions where nonylphenol ethoxylate (NPE) has recently been banned — and at one-fifth the adjuvant concentration — AgroSpred products can enhance agrochemical spray application, thus helping to optimize agrochemical performance and application consistency.

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AgroSpred adjuvants typically offer lower surface tension, better deposition and superior efficacy in many spray-application treatments when compared to traditional surfactants. As a replacement for phased-out or banned NPE products, AgroSpred 100 wetter can also enhance spreading and provide faster agrochemical response.

AgroSpred products can help maximize wetting, spreading and/or penetration of agrochemical treatments. As with the Silwet family of spray adjuvants, AgroSpred adjuvants have the potential to lower spray volumes up to 75%, and thus lower both application times and costs.

Browse our products to discover more about how AgroSpred spray adjuvants can help improve effectiveness and bottom lines.

* AgroSpred and Silwet are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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AgroSpred* 100 Wetter

AgroSpred* 100 wetter — An excellent replacement for NPE that increases spreading performance and improves spray coverage. Learn more.

AgroSpred* 106 Adjuvant

pH-stable spreader-penetrant for in-can formulation

AgroSpred* 200 Adjuvant

Improved spreading mineral oil adjuvant for insecticides and fungicides

AgroSpred* 910 Adjuvant

MSO-based adjuvant with improved penetration and spray coverage

AgroSpred* 960 Adjuvant

d-Limonene infused adjuvant with improved spreading for insecticide and fungicide applications.

AgroSpred* Flex Adjuvant

AgroSpred* Flex Adjuvants may provide better foliar coverage, uptake and efficacy of pesticides spray applications.

AgroSpred* Prime Adjuvant

Excellent adhesion and penetration for herbicides

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