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Niax* Silicone L-620

Maximum Stability, Enhanced Breathability

Showcasing superior performance in stability, breathability and processability, Niax silicone L-620 is an excellent candidate to consider for the production of all types of flexible and low-combustibility polyether slabstock foams. Generally producing foams with minimum top collapse, high breathability and wide processing range, Niax silicone L-620 can be a highly efficient silicone.

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More About Niax* Silicone L-620

Niax silicone L-620 typically offers several key benefits for the production of conventional flexible slabstock foams. It can provide superior processing of low-combustibility, all-water foams, as well as methylene chloride blown filled and sponge foams. For formulations with reduced blowing agents using Geolite* modifiers, it generally offers maximum stability. Plus, the agent can provide formulations over a wide range of silicone and tin catalyst levels, for an excellent breathability profile.

A highly efficient silicone, Niax silicone L-620 can create foams with narrow density and IFD gradients, as demonstrated by both bench and full-scale machine trials for a broad range of flexible urethane slabstock formulations.

Potential applications for Niax silicone L-620 include: 

  • The full range of flexible polyether slabstock foams
  • Low-combustibility foams

For key features, typical benefits and physical properties, potential applications, and more, please download the marketing bulletin on this page.

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