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Niax* Silicone L-500

Improved Foam, Uniform Density

Niax silicone L-500 is a low-emission cell-regulating additive for use in viscoelastic MDI-based polyurethane foams. Niax silicone L-500 is an additive that helps make finer cells in viscoelastic foams based on MDI across a wide range of systems and densities.

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More About Niax* Silicone L-500

Niax silicone L-500 can also be used in High Resilience/Combustion Modified High Resilience foam as a co-stabilizer to generally increase block stability and improve top to bottom density gradient. Niax silicone L-500 may also reduce the so called "cold-flow" phenomenon typically observed in medium- to high-density HR/CMHR foams.

Potential applications for Niax silicone L-500 polyurethane include:

  • High-resilience foam used in the manufacture of furniture and bedding
  • Viscoelastic MDI-based polyurethane foams

* Niax is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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