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Niax* Silicone L-3639

Ultra-Low Emissions, Broad Processing Flexibility

Developed for producing flexible molded foam in automotive applications, Niax silicone L-3639 typically features low viscosity and even lower emissions. Providing open-cell structure with good processing flexibility, this silicone stabilizer surfactant is an excellent candidate to consider for MDI-based high-resilience foam formulations.

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More About Niax* Silicone L-3639

Niax silicone L-3639 can offer a broad range of potential benefits for the production of flexible molded polyurethane foams. A medium-potency silicone stabilizer with a wide processing latitude, it can help produce high-resilience foams with good physical characteristics and open-cell structure. 

Niax silicone L-3639 can also provide very low siloxane emissions, which is highly useful in automotive applications. 

Potential applications for Niax silicone L-3639 include:

  • Flexible molded foam in automotive applications

* Niax is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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