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Silwet L-77 Silicone Surfactant

Efficient surface tension reduction and spreading

Silwet L-77 silicone surfactant is a modified trisiloxane that combines a very low molecular weight trisiloxane with a polyether group. It is characterized by remarkable interfacial activity, which can result in dramatically reduced aqueous surface tension, outstanding spreading or leveling and stabilized foam. All of which may be achieved using a fraction of the typical concentration levels of organic or fluorocarbon surfactants. These effects are so powerful, that the water solutions using Silwet L-77 silicone surfactant are able to wet PTFE or help wet and penetrate hydrophobic surfaces such as mineral ores or the leaf of a plant.

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More About Silwet L-77 Silicone Surfactant

Because of its low CMC values, Silwet L-77 silicone surfactant can achieve optimum performance at levels as low as 0.1%. It can be effective in a variety of water-based formulations helping the end-use application achieve outstanding levels of performance due to better substrate wetting. 

Silwet L-77 silicone surfactant is frequently used in a variety of applications, because of its ability to reduce surface tension and rapidly spread on difficult to wet surfaces. Silwet L-77 silicone surfactant can work synergistically with many conventional surfactants, thereby providing a greater degree of spreading than the individual surfactants alone.  However, there are some conventional surfactants that antagonize the spreading of Silwet L-77 silicone surfactant. Please ask your Momentive representative for more information.


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