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Baysilone* DHS TP-3877 Polymer

Innovative Hydrophilicity, Outstanding Durability

Typically used in manufacturing towels and other cotton knits, Baysilone DHS TP-3877 polymer may help fabrics retain their hydrophilic nature while also helping to deliver a luxuriously soft, dry hand feel. Developed to help protect fabrics over time through multiple home laundry cycles, this textile softener may provide outstanding durability and heat resistance under typical conditions in fabric finishing processes.

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More About Baysilone* DHS TP-3877 Polymer

Baysilone DHS TP-3877 polymer is a specialty silicone copolymer that generally maintains the hydrophilic nature of natural cotton and cotton blends to absorb water and perspiration on the fabrics more quickly. Developed to typically be stable under alkaline and acidic finishing conditions, Baysilone DHS TP-3877 polymer is an excellent candidate to consider for helping fabrics retain their hydrophilicity over time. 

By working to impart a typically smooth, luxurious and natural softness to fabrics that may feel dry to the touch rather than greasy, the textile softener is formulated to help enhance the performance and hand feel of cotton and cotton-blend fabrics. With an affinity for the fiber surface, Baysilone DHS TP-3877 polymer may help keep fabrics feeling soft longer.

With its potential to be easily emulsified, this textile softener may produce durable micro-emulsions that usually retain good emulsion stability under most conditions. Plus, the resistance to fabric yellowing and/or discoloration after drying/curing generally helps make this textile softener an excellent candidate for use on bleached and/or dyed fabrics.

With outstanding shear stability at both temperature and pH extremes, Baysilone DHS TP-3877 polymer may typically be applied to fabrics using most types of finishing equipment, including high-speed padding, kiss rolls, exhaustion and jet finishing.

Potential applications for Baysilone DHS TP-3877 polymer may include:

  • Enhanced hydrophilicity through multiple home laundry cycles on cotton and cotton blends
  • A potentially soft, dry hand feel
  • Highly suitable durability and shear stability under temperature and pH extremes

* Baysilone is a trademark of Bayer AG, used under license.

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*The marks followed by an asterisk (*) are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.