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Fiber-Optic Quartz Tubing

Ultra-High Purity for Better Performance

Serving as deposition tubing for the modified chemical vapor deposition (MCVD) process, a method for producing optical waveguides, Momentive fiber-optic tubing is formulated to offer ultra-high purity that is virtually airline-free. Created with tight dimensional tolerances and low -OH, Momentive fiber-optic tubing may be an excellent candidate to consider when extremely low attenuation for optical fiber is required.


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Properties of Fused Quartz

More About Fiber-Optic Quartz Tubing

The combination of ultra-high purity and dimensional control translates into excellent attenuation for optical fiber. Each fiber-optic quartz tube produced by Momentive is serialized, characterized and accompanied by a data slip showing the complete geometry of the tube, demonstrating the outstanding consistency of the product.

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