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TSE3488NT Mold Making Material


Momentive's TSE3488NT mold making material, a two-part translucent addition curing mold making material, is noted for its characteristics of generally superior resistance to the molding of aggressive urethane and other epoxy resin products. Used in industries such as clothing, textiles, footwear, jewelry and fabric ornamentation, it can also function as a useful component when fabricating prototypes in the electronic and automotive industries.

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More About TSE3488NT Mold Making Material

TSE3488NT mold making material typically cures rapidly at room temperature and has the advantage of being accelerated with heat - allowing it to generally reach cure times of less than one hour. Due to this shorter cure window, TSE3488NT mold making material can potentially speed production and thus enhance profitability.

With its low viscosity, TSE3488NT mold making material can allow for easy degassing. Another significant advantage is its high tear and tensile strength, both of which can possibly improve the number of demold cycles compared to traditional grades.

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