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InvisiSil* IVSD3208

Good Thixotropic Property for Dam Formation

Momentive’s InvisiSil IVSD3208 dam material is a one-part, heat curable silicone adhesive. An excellent candidate for forming the dam shape in a multi-array LED module, it features limited to no flowability, a good thixotropic property, high elongation and primer-less adhesion onto various substrates. These features can also provide excellent sealing and gasket performance.

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More About InvisiSil* IVSD3208

When applied, InvisiSil IVSD3208 dam material can provide a variety of performance benefits to the dam formation of multi-array LED modules. For instance, it can assist in delivering high dimension stability and also provide good gasket performance with stable adhesion. In addition, InvisiSil IVSD3208 dam material has shown long-term performance benefits throughout a variety of conditions, including varying temperature changes.


Potential applications for InvisiSil IVSD3208 dam material include:

  • Multi-array LED modules, including Chip On Board LED modules
  • Conventional sealing and adhesive for bonding plastics and metals/ceramics in various applications


* InvisiSil is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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