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Silox* 23 Silane

Process Stability, High Grafting Efficiency

Silox 23 silane is a liquid blend of vinylsilane and organic peroxide that provides high grafting efficiency for the production of superior PEX-b water pipes. Designed to crosslink high-density polyethylene (HDPE) PEX pipe, Silox 23 silane can be used in the Monosil one-step process or Sioplas two-step process. With its peroxide and silane formulation, Silox 23 silane provides high grafting efficiency for the production of industrial water-carrying pipes, which are typically high-density crosslinked polyethylene pipes

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More About Silox* 23 Silane

When used in conjunction with a condensation catalyst and antioxidant master batch, Silox 23 silane may boost high grafting efficiency. With its high onset temperature, this silane also may work to ensure good process stability while minimizing pre-grafted and crosslinked particles during extrusion.

This peroxide and silane blend may also be particularly suited to low-odor applications and may be used with a wide range of polyethylene grades, helping to optimize cost-effectiveness. In fact, pipes manufactured using the Monosil one-step process have demonstrated excellent mechanical properties and optimal chemical resistance. When the quality-controlled Monosil system is utilized, application of Silox 23 silane has helped produce pipes with an attractive, and high-quality surface finish.

Potential applications for Silox 23 silane include:

  • Use in the production of high-density polyethylene XL pipes

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