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Silcat* 17 Industrial Silane

Cost-Effective, Broader Processing Latitudes

Demonstrating its versatility, Silcat 17 industrial silane is developed to be used in a variety of polyethylene resins that are used across several industrial production applications. A modified vinyltrimethoxysilane, Silcat 17 industrial silane contains a crosslinking tin catalyst, and is well-known for delivering broad processing latitude as well as helping to lower fabrication costs in industrial production applications.

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More About Silcat* 17 Industrial Silane

Silcat 17 industrial silane is a robust formulation containing two key design elements - a vinylsilane and a tin catalyst.  With the addition of an effective level of a commercially available peroxide, it is possible to graft Silcat 17 industrial silane to a polyethylene resin and upon exposure to moisture, crosslink the fabricated part to the specific industrial need.   

Silcat 17 industrial silane is successful when used in a one-step (Monosil) crosslinking system. After the addition of a peroxide initiator, Silcat 17 industrial silane may be used to crosslink stabilized polyethylene resin grades in commercially available one-step extrusion equipment. With numerous potential commercial applications, and a unique degree of adaptability, Silcat 17 industrial silane may add value across the industrial production chain.   

Potential applications for Silcat 17 industrial silane include:

  • A one-step crosslinking system in industrial production applications
  • To crosslink stabilized polyethylene grades
  • In commercially available one-step extrusion equipment

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