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Silquest A-171* Silane

Enhanced Crosslinking of Polymers

An excellent candidate for crosslinking organic polymers, Silquest A-171 silane offers vinyl and silane functionality and also can be utilized for chain extension of RTV silicones or OH functional polymers. This results in Si-O-Si crosslink sites that are highly resistant to the effects of exposure to moisture, chemicals and UV rays. As a siloxane crosslinker, Silquest A-171 silane typically does not generate color and is resistant to acid rain under most conditions. This silane is also useful as a moisture scavenger in moisture cure systems where improved shelf life is desired.

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Silquest* A-171 Marketing Bulletin

More About Silquest A-171* Silane

A monomeric vinyl functional silane in vinyl acrylic and acrylic resins, Silquest A-171 silane can be added as a monomer during emulsion polymerization to form silane-modified latexes. Functioning as a crosslinker, the silane in these latexes forms very stable Si-O-Si linkages. 


Vinyl silanes can also be grafted to specific unsaturated polymers, such as polyethylene, polyester and styrene-butadiene co-polymers, resulting in resins which exhibit silane functionality. The resin can then be crosslinked through an ambient moisture cure mechanism. By crosslinking through this process, higher temperature resistance - along with greater tensile and tear strengths - is achieved for thermoplastic resin-based materials. 


The electron-withdrawing effect displayed by the silane's vinyl functionality enhances the rate of hydrolysis. This increased activity makes Silquest A-171 silane one of the quickest hydrolyzing alkoxy silanes on the market. With this elevated rate of hydrolysis, Silquest A-171 silane is an excellent candidate to consider for use as a moisture-scavenging agent in sensitive moisture systems. 


For key features, typical benefits and physical properties, potential applications and more, please download the marketing bulletin on this page. 

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