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NXT* Z 45 Silane

Accelerating Innovation and Improving Properties

When improved rolling resistance, enhanced traction, better reinforcement and more efficient processing of tires are required, NXT Z 45 silane is an excellent candidate to consider. As a quality product best known for its improved dynamic and physical properties, Momentive's NXT Z 45 silane is another outstanding result of partnering our innovation capabilities with our customers in the tire and rubber industries.

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NXT* Silane for Dispersing High Surface Area Silica
NXT Z45 Silane Marketing Bulletin

More About NXT* Z 45 Silane

NXT Z 45 silane has excellent silica dispersion and superior reinforcement properties. It may significantly help the rubber and automotive industries by lowering usage levels and virtually eliminating ethanol emissions - thus decreasing the volume of VOC emissions to make it a more environmentally responsible solution. 

Other potential benefits of most of our NXT silanes may include:

  • Reduced overall manufacturing costs through improved processing
  • Superior performance property set at a lower silane loading level
  • A single nonproductive mixing step
  • High-temperature mixing
  • Easier processing even with high silica loading

Momentive's NXT Z 45 silane is one more example of accelerated innovation thanks to our ongoing collaboration with our customers. 

*NXT and NXT Z are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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