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SilForce* SL6562 Release Coating

Fast Cure, Flat Release Profile

SilForce SL6562 release coating is typically recommended for use as a base for silicone release coating formulations. SilForce SL6562 release coating can combine fast cure with a flat release profile and can be generally suitable for a variety of release liner applications. SilForce SL6562 release coating formulations help provide premium release of aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) over a wide range of peel speed.


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SilForce* Release Coatings Brochure

More About SilForce* SL6562 Release Coating

SilForce SL6562 release coating is a fast-curing blend of reactive multivinyl silicone polymer plus an inhibitor. SilForce SL6562 release coating typically cures to a high-modulus, highly crosslinked adhesive surface with a flat release profile. Immediately after application, the SilForce SL6562 release coating inhibitor is efficiently evaporated from coating formulations during normal processing, thus permitting rapid crosslinking and high throughput.

Coatings based on SilForce SL6562 release coating can exhibit premium release over a wide range of peel speed, because the high vinyl content results in a high-modulus release coating capable of premium release of PSAs during high-speed dispensing. SilForce SL6562 release coating is recommended for formulations including SilForce SL6510 catalyst and SilForce SL4410 or SL4380 crosslinker.

Potential applications for SilForce SL6562 release liner may include:  

  • Labels and tapes with aggressive PSAs dispensed at high peel speed

* SilForce is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.


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