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Heaters and Heater Assemblies

More Intensity, More Efficiency

Combining to produce a truly advanced heating system, pyrolytic boron nitride and pyrolytic graphite resistance heating elements work with the unique electrical, chemical and thermal properties of pyrolytic boron nitride, a dielectric material, and pyrolytic graphite, an electrical conductor, to produce a truly advanced heating system. Nonbrittle refractory materials, they owe their exceptional purity to a high-temperature chemical vapor deposition production method. The high thermal conductivity and anisotropy of both materials may result in excellent thermal uniformity.


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Disc Heater 2109923 Technical Drawing

More About Heaters and Heater Assemblies

PBN/PG "printed circuit" heaters utilize PBN as an insulating substrate and PG as the resistive element. In non-oxidizing environments, this combination of unique materials delivers performance advantages not available in conventional thermal systems. PBN/PG heaters operate at 1500°C and higher, and provide superior performance in an ultra-high vacuum. They are also chemically inert to most corrosive gases and liquids, and are unaffected by most molten metals. With their long life, as well as their dimensional and electrical stability, PBN/PG heaters offer high resistance and may enable the use of low-cost power supplies.


Mechanically durable and thermally shock resistant, PBN/PG heaters are unaffected by vibration under most conditions and can be tailored to thermal gradients for specific requirements. With an ultra-fast response and low thermal mass, PBN/PG heaters demonstrate a power output of 35 watts/cm 2 (225 watts/in 2 ) and higher.


Momentive manufactures heaters as flat plates with surface electrical connections inside the heated area or located outside the heated area on tabs. Heaters can also be made as 3-D elements on CVD PBN crucibles and tubes. PBN/PG heaters have been made for parts as small as 5 mm in diameter, and as large as 800 mm. Multiple, independent zones can be incorporated for flexible thermal management.


Potential applications for Momentive heaters and heater assemblies include:

  • Wafer Processing (Ion Implant, PVD, MOCVD, ALD, MBE, RTP, PE-CVD, Epi) 
  • High Temperature industrial and chemical processes 

  • Many R&D applications 

    Momentive custom manufactures PBN/PG heaters to customer specifications.  Contact an expert to discuss your applications. 

    Additionally, a range of pre-engineered heaters is available for “off-the-shelf” use.  Disc heaters provide a very simple form factor, they are also offered with tabs to move the electrical contacts out of the hot zone for improved thermal uniformity.  Several rectangular format parts with mounting features are available as well.  In the table below, the item number is a link to a detailed drawing of these pre-engineered solutions.

    Disc HeatersItem #Heated Diameter (mm)Contact Spacing (mm)Resistance Room Temp. (Ohms)
     Disc Heater
     21099231.00 (25.4).75 (19.0)10 - 16
    21099241.50 (38.1)1.20 (30.5)10 - 16
    21099252.00 (50.8)1.60 (40.6)15 - 25
    21099262.50 (63.5)2.07 (52.6)22 - 35
    21099273.00 (76.2)2.42 (61.5)22 - 35
    21099292.00 (50.8)1.71 (43.4)15 - 25
    21099303.00 (76.2)2.71 (68.8)15 - 25
    21099314.00 (101.6)3.54 (89.9)15 - 25

    Disc Heaters With TabsItem #Heated Diameter (mm)Contact Spacing (mm)Resistance Room Temp. (Ohms)
     Disc Heater with Tabs
    2109912.50 (12.7).70 (17.8)5 - 7
    2109913.75 (19.0)1.35 (34.2)9 - 15
    21099141.00 (25.4)1.50 (38.1)9 - 15
    21099151.75 (44.5)2.50 (63.5)17 - 30
    21099162.00 (50.8)2.50 (63.5)15 - 25
    21099181.00 (25.4)1.73 (43.9)15 - 25

    Rectangular HeatersItem #Heated Diameter (mm)Contact Spacing (mm)Resistance Room Temp. (Ohms)
     Rectangular Heater
    2110068.98 (25.0)1.11 (28.2)7 - 10
    21100711.97 (48.8)1.92 (48.8)11 - 15
    21100722.97 (75.4)2.97 (75.4)16 - 22

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