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SAG* 240 Antifoam Emulsion

Highly Stable, Efficient Foam Control

Highly stable and efficient, SAG 240 antifoam emulsion is an excellent choice to consider for foam control in a variety of markets, including textile processing and petroleum processing.

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More About SAG* 240 Antifoam Emulsion

Highly stable under alkaline conditions and at high temperatures, SAG 240 antifoam emulsion typically offers effective foam control in a wide range of manufacturing processes. In fact, this antifoam's performance typically improves as temperatures rise up to 95° C.

Foam control is quick and efficient with this SAG 240 antifoam emulsion. Plus, it is easy to dilute down.   

Potential applications for SAG 240 antifoam emulsion include: 

  • Textile processing
  • Petroleum processing
  • Industrial applications

* SAG is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.   


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