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Silwet* L-77 Ag Adjuvant

First Commercial Super-Spreader Used by the Agriculture Industry

Silwet L-77 Ag spray adjuvant is a super-spreading surfactant based on a trisiloxane ethoxylate that can help lower the surface tension of spray solutions beyond the capabilities of most conventional adjuvants. This spray adjuvant (@ 0.1 wt %) promotes an aqueous surface tension of 20.5 mN/m, below the 30 mN/m result typical with some nonionic octylphenol ethoxylate surfactants containing 10 EO units (@ 1.0%). This helps Silwet L-77 Ag provide rapid wetting, more spreading, higher deposition and better efficacy of agrochemical spray applications. 

  • Technical Documents

Tailor Agrochemical Coverage and Absorption with Silwet* Adjuvants
Silwet L-77* Ag Marketing Bulletin

More About Silwet* L-77 Ag Adjuvant

This spray adjuvant helps promote the rapid uptake of agrochemicals into plants under certain conditions, via stomatal infiltration. Doing so enables plants to become rainfast, potentially improving application reliability and reducing costs. Being nonionic in nature makes Silwet L-77 Ag spray adjuvant an excellent candidate to consider for a broad range of agrochemical formulations.  

Potential applications for Silwet L-77 Ag spray adjuvant include: 

  • Plant growth regulators
  • Herbicides
  • Insecticides
  • Fungicides
  • Fertilizers and micronutrients

 For key features, typical benefits and physical properties, potential applications and more, please download the marketing bulletin on this page.  

*Silwet is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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