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SPUR+* Y-19129 Prepolymer

Enables Primerless Adhesion to Wet Concrete

Helping reduce labor costs and construction time, SPUR+ Y-19129 prepolymer enables primerless construction sealant  formulations to maintain adhesion under wet conditions to most building substrates, including concrete. This advancement  can allow end users to eliminate the need for a primer, which can translate to numerous benefits. Our low-viscosity SPUR+ Y-19129 prepolymer has enabled primerless sealants formulations to maintain adhesion even after a week of water submersion.

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More About SPUR+* Y-19129 Prepolymer

Some sealant formulations lose adhesion to wet concrete due to the highly alkaline environment that may be present at the sealant-concrete interface. This environment can greatly reduce the effect of the adhesion promoter. Peel testing of sealants employing SPUR+ Y-19129 prepolymer, on the other hand, has demonstrated adhesion after water immersion so strong that concrete coupons broke before the sealant peeled, indicating peelstrength greater than 30 lb/in. In fact, a SPUR+ Y-19129 prepolymer-based sealant with no primer has been shown to exhibit wet adhesion to concrete comparable to the performance of a commercial polyurethane sealant used with primer.

In addition to successful primerless adhesion to wet concrete and other difficult building surfaces, SPUR+ Y-19129 prepolymer has also helped provide broad formulation latitude and good shelf stability.

For key features, typical benefits and physical properties, potential applications, and more, please download the marketing bulletin on this page.

*SPUR+ is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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