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Silquest* A-Link* 35 Silane

Enhances Adhesion and Silane Crosslink Cure Speed

When effective cure speed in a moisture cured polymer system is desired, polymer manufacturers often turn to Silquest A-Link 35 silane. Formulations employing Silquest A-Link 35 silane functionalized polymers, have exhibited exceptional wet adhesion to glass, metal and other inorganic substrates. As an isocyanate-functional silane, Silquest A-Link 35 silane can react effectively with most active hydrogen-containing compounds, leading to crosslinking or adherence to a variety of substrates.

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More About Silquest* A-Link* 35 Silane

The isocyanate functionality of Silquest A-Link 35 silane can provide reactivity with –OH, -NH2, and –SH functional polyols and polymers. The trimethoxysilyl functionality can help provide good adhesion to difficult substrates, and impart rapid hydrolysis in the presence of atmospheric moisture. Resulting bonds offer excellent thermal, chemical and UV stability.


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