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Silquest* A-174NT Silane

Free Radical Cure

Silquest A-174NT silane is a methacryloxy functional trimethoxy silane that finds utility in composites, coatings, and adhesives and sealants that cure via a free radical mechanism. Offering a dual functionality, the methacrylate functionality of Silquest A-174NT silane makes this coupling agent and adhesion promoter an excellent candidate for use in free radical cure resin systems such as polyestersand acrylics , as well as thermoplastics such as polyolefins, PVC and polyurethanes. The methoxy silane functionality enables a fast hydrolysis rate and helps bond inorganic substrates to provide excellent wet and dry adhesion.


Silquest A-174NT silane is an excellent candidate for copolymerizing with vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride, acrylate or methacrylate monomers to yield a moisture curable silylated polymer.

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Silquest* A-174NT Marketing Bulletin

More About Silquest* A-174NT Silane

Silquest A-174NT silane can be easily dissolved in polyester resin containing mineral fillers where it will typically migrate to the filler surface and couple to help improve the overall composite strength properties. When formulated in polyester resins containing mineral fillers, it can help improve the wet electrical properties of thermoplastic materials such as crosslinked polyethylene and polyvinylchloride.


As a coupling agent, the use of Silquest A-174NT silane has also been shown to enhance the strength performance — both initially and after wet conditioning - of glass, silica, silicate and metal oxide filled polyester resin systems. In addition, when the composite is filled with fiberglass roving sized with a typical polyester-compatible formulation containing Silquest A-174NT silane, formulators have typically seen significant improvement in the composite strength of a material.


For key features, typical benefits, physical properties, potential applications and more, please download the marketing bulletin on this page.


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