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SnapSil* TN3005 Adhesive Sealant

SnapSil* TN3005 adhesive sealant is a one-component sealant that cools at room temperature. Learn more.

FRV1106 Silicone Adhesive Sealant

FRV1106 adhesive sealant is a one-component fluorosilicone sealant that cures to tough silicone rubber for fuel, solvent and chemical environments. Learn more.

InvisiSil IVS7620 Adhesive

InvisiSil IVS7620 thermal conductive adhesive is an excellent candidate for die attachment to LED packages. Learn more.

InvisiSil* OCS-100 UV-Curable Optical Bonding Acrylate

InvisiSil OCS-100 UV-cure optical bonding acrylate may deliver increased light transmission when applied in the interlayer of displays and touch-screen modules. Learn more.

InvisiSil* OCS-200 UV-Curable Optical Bonding Acrylate

InvisiSil* OCS-200 UV-cure optical bonding acrylate is a one-part, low-energy UV-cure adhesive that may be considered for use in display and touch-screen devices. Learn more.

InvisiSil* OCS-400H UV-Curable Optical Bonding Acrylate

InvisiSil OCS-400H UV-cure optical bonding acrylate is an optical bonding material that offers a controlled viscosity of 40Pa.s. Learn more.

InvisiSil* OCS-400L UV-Curable Optical Bonding Acrylate

InvisiSil OCS-400L UV-cure optical bonding acrylate offers a fast cure and has an adjustable viscosity of 20Pa.s — producing fewer overflows. Learn more.

InvisiSil* OP1012 Thermal Cure Optical Bonding Silicone

InvisiSil* OP1012 optical bonding silicone is an optically clear gel for touchscreen electronics and displays that features a stable modulus and low shrinkage. Learn more.

InvisiSil* OP2012S Thermal Cure Optical Bonding Silicone

InvisiSil* OP2012S silicone is a thermal-cure optical bonding silicone with shadow curability that has a stable modulus, is highly adhesive and imparts excellent optical properties.

InvisiSil* OP2131S UV-Cure Optical Bonding Silicone

InvisiSil* OP2131S optical bonding silicone is a one-part optically clear, nonyellowing material with a fast cure time, low shrinkage and a stable modulus. Learn more.

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