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Technical Data Sheet

Magnasoft* Extra

Magnasoft* Extra Fluid

for textile softening



Magnasoft Extra fluid is a high molecular weight, epoxy-modified silicone fluid that imparts excellent softness to a variety of fabrics and knits, whether prepared from yarn made by the ring or open-end spun processes.


Magnasoft Extra fluid imparts excellent softening without yellowing fabrics, including 100% synthetics, cotton, wool, synthetic/cellulose blends and acrylics. It is especially effective on 100% cotton and bottomweights, such as high-cotton/polyester corduroy and denim. In addition, the softening and fabric physical property enhancement imparted by Magnasoft Extra fluid are resistant to multiple launderings.


Nonionic emulsions of Magnasoft Extra fluid can be applied alone or in combination with current popular durable press resins.


To achieve maximum durability, a catalyst is recommended for use with Magnasoft Extra fluid. When applied with a durable press resin, the same resin-crosslinking catalyst usually functions as a catalyst for Magnasoft Extra fluid. If no durable press resin is to be applied to the fabric, zirconium acetate catalyst is recommended to achieve maximum durability with Magnasoft Extra emulsion. For example, 2.5 parts zirconium acetate catalyst (25%)(1) is recommended for 20 parts of emulsion (40%).


(1) Magnesium Elektron Inc., Flemington, NJ 08822


Typical Physical Properties

Appearance Clear liquid
Viscosity at 25°C, cSt 5000–6000


Processing Recommendations

Table 1 shows the performance properties of various fabrics treated with several model formulations using Magnasoft Extra fluid textile softener. The test procedures used in measuring these performance properties are listed in Table 2.


Table 1: Typical Performance Properties of Magnasoft Extra Textile Softener

Fabric 65/35 = Polyester/ 100% Polyester 83/17 = Cotton/ 100% Cotton
Fabric Type Cotton  Polyester Corduroy Printcloth
Fabric Weight (oz/yd2) 3.0 (0.1 kg/m2) 3.7 (0.12 kg/m2) 6.2 (7.5 kg/m2) 3.1 (7.5 kg/m2)
Model Formulations
DMDHEU Resin, pts 155515
DP Catalyst, pts 2.25 0.750.752.25
Emulsifier “Tergitol”
Magnasoft Extra Solids, % (BOWF)
Performance Properties Resin Only Resin & Silicone ControlControl & Silicone Resin OnlyResin & SiliconeResin OnlyResin & Silicone
Initial 1058591.5104.5
After 3 Launderings 8.5 2.5 8584.5102.0
Wettability, sec
Initial 5 202105 90 1 >300 2 >300
After 3 Launderings25 >300 129 >300 3>300 2 >300
Durability, %
After 3 Launderings0 850 75 0 98 0 88
WRA, Degrees, Warp
Initial156 161 94 107 147 165133153  
After 3 Launderings156 158  91 105 148 163 133 154
Tear Strength, g, Warp
Initial1030 1620 1450 1800 1125 1275 760 1000
After 3 Launderings920 1620--1150 1350 720 970
Dp Appearance, 5 Washes 3.5 3.6 2.9 3.52.7 3.53.4 3.4
Abrasion Resistance,
Warp, 5 Cycles
Initial5700 10,100----139 354
After 3 Launderings6000 10,900----137  350
Dimensional Stability, %
Wale ---7.1 -7.0 ----
Course ---0.5 -0.2 ----
Extensibility, 5 Cycles, %
A. 70%, wale --16.4 12.8 ----
B. 100%, course --26.9 23.1 ----

(1) Rating Scale: 1 = Softest, 10 = Harshest


Table 2: Performance Test Procedures

Absorbency of Bleached Textiles (Wettability) 79-1992
Wrinkle Recovery of Fabrics: Recovery Angle Method 66-1990
Tear Resistance of Woven Fabrics by Falling Pendulum (Elmendorf) Apparatus D1424-84
Abrasion Resistance of Textile Fabrics D3885
Conditioning Textiles for Testing D1776-79
Appearance of Fabrics After Repeated Home Laundering 124-1992


Patent Status

Nothing contained herein shall be construed to imply the nonexistence of any relevant patents or to constitute a permission, inducement or recommendation to practice any invention covered by any patent, without authority from the owner of the patent.


Product Safety, Handling and Storage

Customers should review the latest Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and label for product safety information, safe handling instructions, personal protective equipment if necessary, and any special storage conditions required for safety.  MSDS are available at or, upon request, from any Momentive Performance Materials (MPM) representative. For product storage and handling procedures to maintain the product quality within our stated specifications, please review Certificates of Analysis, which are available in the Order Center.  Use of other materials in conjunction with MPM products (for example, primers) may require additional precautions. Please review and follow the safety information provided by the manufacturer of such other materials.



Customers must evaluate Momentive Performance Materials products and make their own determination as to fitness of use in their particular applications.

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