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Phenolic Resoles 

Bakelite® Cellobond®  Durite®   Rutaphen®

Momentive's phenolic resole resins are the binding agents of choice in a variety of Industrial Applications such as: 

Resoles are formed in alkaline medium by the reaction of phenol with formaldehyde. Due to the presence of their reactive methylol groups, resoles are sensitive to heat and acids, and are therefore crosslinked by exposure to heat or addition of acids. Since resoles cure even at ambient temperature, a gradual rise in the viscosity will occur and possess only a limited shelf life.  


Momentive Specialty Chemicals manufactures resins ranging from unmodified resoles to modified resoles with different physical properties and performance tailored to meet customer specific processing and performance needs.


Click here to learn about our technical data or for a specific, custom solution for your application or process.


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