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A Legacy of Innovation

Feature Since July of 1969 when Apollo 11 astronauts first stepped onto the moon, every imprint that man has made on its surface - from the soles of their boots to the finger prints of their gloves - was enabled through the use of silicone products developed by Momentive Performance Materials. View moon boot video


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Everywhere You Look You Can Find Us



From automotive to healthcare, from electronics to construction, Momentive’s silicone materials are practically everywhere you look. We are a global leader in silicones with a 70+ year heritage of innovation and being first to market – with performance applications that improve everyday life. By knowing our customers’ needs and creating custom technology platforms for them, we provide science based solutions to help customers increase performance, solve product development issues and engineer better manufacturing processes. Silicones Product Finder



Our unique silanes, elastomers, sealants, resins, adhesives, fluids, urethane additives, and other specialty products are delivering innovation in everything from car engines to biomedical devices. From helping insulate passenger jets against extreme temperatures and making car seats more comfortable, to helping improve the silky feel of cosmetics and helping ensure the reliability of spark plugs, our materials and enabling technologies are at the frontline of innovation.


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SilSoft AX-E Conditioning Agent  

Silsoft* AX-E conditioning agent


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Our Heritage

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