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A Legacy of Innovation

Feature Momentive’s Ceramics business is a major global supplier of non-oxide ceramic powders, shapes and crucibles based on boron nitride, titanium diboride and graphite material systems – and offers more than 80 grades of boron nitride and titanium diboride powders.


 Boron Nitride (BN) Paints
 Boron Nitride (BN) Powder
 Carbide Coatings
 Graphite Monochromators
 Heater & Heater Assemblies
 High Thermal Conductivity Graphite & Composites
 Hot Pressed Boron Nitride Composites
 Hot Pressed Boron Nitride Shapes
 Pyrolytic Boron Nitride (PBN)
 Pyrolytic Graphite (PG)
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 Titanium Diboride Powder
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 Strongsville AS 9100 Certificate
 Global ISO 9001 Certificate

Design Flexibility and Performance Top Our List

In Ceramics, we combine high-purity materials and technical expertise to illuminate exciting new possibilities across a diverse range of industries. Our ceramic powders & shapes and chemical vapor deposition ceramics set the standard of excellence for applications where purity, design flexibility and performance in extreme environments are critical. From semiconductors, telecommunications and transportation to lighting, packaging, and consumer goods, our specialized ceramics products are key drivers in innovation, technological advancement, manufacturing productivity and application functionality.


Momentive Breaks Ground on Expansion of Specialty Ceramics Plant in Ohio