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A Legacy of Innovation

High-Voltage-Insulation_rightThere is growing interest in substituting innovative silicone rubber materials for ceramic materials such as porcelain and glass in medium and high-voltage insulation, and Momentive is helping lead the charge.

Electrical Transmission & Distribution

 Silicone Elastomers

Powerful Solutions for Electrical Equipment Manufacturers

Momentive products can be found in components throughout the electrical grid providing high quality, consistent insulation and other performance properties.


Our silicone elastomers solutions offer a variety of advantages over traditional ceramic materials such as porcelain or glass, in medium and high voltage switchgear applications. Silicone rubber materials are generally lighter, require less maintenance and offer better hydrophobicity and easier processing while delivering outstanding service life and excellent tracking and erosion-resistance.


Typical applications for Momentive silicone-based products include wire and cable, high voltage insulators, EMI shielding, breakers/disconnect switches and surge arrestors.