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Momentive’s high-purity fused quartz materials set the standard for a diverse range of applications in which optical clarity, design flexibility and durability in extreme environments are critical. Our product line includes tubing, rods and other solid shapes, as well as fused quartz crucibles for growing single crystal silicon. These high-purity quartz products support high-quality processing and production for a range of applications in the semiconductor, photovoltaic, lighting, water purification, consumer electronics and telecommunications industries.

Fused Quartz Fabricator Network

As a world leader in fused quartz industry, we make numerous products from natural to synthetic raw materials, providing tight control of raw material properties and manufacturing processes to create products that meet our customers' demanding needs. Our quartz products exhibit desirable properties, including extremely high-purity optical transparency over a wide spectral range, chemical inertness, high temperature deformation resistance, ultra-low thermal expansion coefficients and excellent thermal shock resistance.  

Our fused quartz products are used primarily in highly demanding semiconductor, specialty lighting, LED, fiber-optic, and solar and photovoltaic applications. For example, in semiconductor manufacturing, our consistent, pure and high-quality materials enable tight process control and outstanding outcomes for crystal growth and wafer processing operations. For lighting, Momentive's fused quartz withstands the elevated operating temperatures of high-performance lamps. In the solar industry, our products help enable efficient single crystal silicon growth and cell processing to help reduce manufacturing costs.  

We take quality control seriously, closely monitoring and controlling every step in the quartz production process, from raw material purification to final packaging, to ensure purity.  

Learn how our fused quartz products are helping to bring the next generation of innovative products to market.

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