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  • Sustainability
  • At Momentive, “sustainability” is an integrated business approach that creates long-term stakeholder value through responsible stewardship of our assets, the environment, our products, and our social responsibility.


    Operational Excellence - Excellence in safety, health, and environmental protection

    Momentive’s dedicated and engaged associates strive to operate efficiently and create a safe and sustainable environment..

    Responsible Care® commitment

    Environmental, Health & Safety policies

    Success metrics


    Product Innovation - Innovations that improve the quality of life, sustainably

    Momentive is committed to advancing technologies for the future, developing innovative, high-performance, sustainable chemistries that enable our customers to deliver efficient, renewable, environmentally suitable end-products.

    Sustainable chemistry principles


    Corporate responsibility - No corporation is an island

    At Momentive, we are keenly aware of our interdependence with the world around us. We do our best to keep our stakeholders informed of our actions. As an important business partner with our stakeholders, we advocate for sound science and support value-added projects that benefit our local communities.

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