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Fracturing Proppants

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Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc.’s Oilfield Technology Group (OTG) provides a wide array of innovative proppants designed for a variety of wells. As a global leader in advanced resin technology with years of industry experience, we will help you get the most production out of your well.


To view the latest videos in our Online Educational Series, go to These videos provide in-depth information on several new developments in proppant technology. Also available on the web site are videos on Innovative Proppant Technology and our OilPlus™ proppants that are specifically designed for fracturing treatments in oil and liquid-rich reservoirs.


Curable Sands and Curable Ceramics

Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc.'s curable product lines are designed to help prevent proppant flowback, greatly reduce fines generation and migration, and maximize fracture flow capacity. Our patented Stress Bond™ technology ensures that grain-to-grain bonding will only occur when the proppant pack is exposed to a specific combination of differential closure stress and temperature. 


Precured Sands

Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc.'s precured product line is designed to greatly increase the strength of the sand grains and help prevent proppant fines. The resin coating entraps the fines that do occur, unlike the fines that are produced by uncoated frac sand.


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Product                          Description


SB Prime                        Premium Resin Coated Sand with Stress Bond Technology

                                         Applications: Typical closure stress up to 10,000 psi.

                                         Premium Stress Bond resin technology.


Prime Plus                     Premium Resin Coated Sand with Stress Bond Technology

                                         Applications: Typical closure stress up to 10,000 psi.

                                         Advanced resin technology with a proven history of success

                                         in the field.


Black Pro                        Resin Coated Sand with Stress Bond Technology

                                         Applications: Typical closure stress up to 10,000 psi.

                                         Provides the industry's highest bond strength integrity under

                                         cyclic stress conditions.


SB Excel                         Resin Coated Sand with Stress Bond Technology

                                         Applications: Typical closure stress up to 8,000 psi. Stress

                                         Bond technology provides improved fracture flow capacity and

                                         proppant flowback control.


SiberProp                      Stress Bond Resin Coated Sand for Low Temperatures

                                         Applications: Up to 8,000 psi closure stress. No AcTivator™

                                         required above 110º F. Excellent conductivity at lower closure



XRT Ceramax P            Resin Coated Bauxite with Stress Bond™ Technology

                                         Applications: Conductivity testing conducted up to 14,000 psi

                                         closure stress. Highest strength proppant available.


XRT Ceramax V            Resin Coated Intermediate Density Ceramic with Stress Bond


                                         Applications: Typical closure stress up to 14,000 psi. Broad

                                         sieve distribution.


XRT Ceramax E            Resin Coated Lightweight Economy Ceramic with Stress Bond


                                         Applications: Typical closure stress up to 12,000 psi.

                                         Lightweight ceramic. 




PR6000                          Precured Resin Coated Sand

                                         Applications: Typical upper closure stress up to 8,000 psi.

                                         Increased strength compared to uncoated frac sand. 


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