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Melamine-Phenolic Molding Compounds

MC Commutators2

In addition to straight phenolic molding compounds, Momentive also provides melamine-phenolic molding compounds (MP-MC) that are specifically used for commutators (components of various electric motors) including:

  • Fuel pumps
  • HVAC motors
  • ABS
  • Power tools
  • Garden and household appliances

A very small amount of molding compound must not only provide electrical insulation, but also anchor the copper lamella and ensure optimal seating of the lamella on the rotor axis at high rotational speeds, even under severe thermal stress.


The demands on the molding compound are very complex. Momentive’s thermally stable melamine-phenolic molding compounds exhibit a high level of mechanical properties that – when coupled with good adhesion of the molding compound to the copper surface – have a long history of success for these applications.


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