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Specialty Phenolic Resins and Novel Resin Systems

Momentive Specialty Chemicals focuses on developing Durite® resins at the forefront of technology for specialty novolac hardeners (epoxy curing agents) and resoles for the next generation needs of niche applications in diverse fields such as the electronics and adhesives markets.


We understand the fast-evolving performance requirements in the areas of printed circuit laminates, photoresist formulations, memory packaging and epoxy curing agents. Developing enviromentally friendly materials and the use of renewable resources are also focal points in our quest for developing next generation products and novel resin systems.


Some key areas of focus are:

  • Halogen-free, flame-retardant resins
  • Ultrahigh Tg epoxy curing agents
  • “Green” resins – which contain naturally derived raw materials
  • Low dielectric constant resins
  • Highly flexibilized/toughened resins
  • High moisture resistance resins
  • Low viscosity rheological additives
  • Fast cure and latent cure resin systems 

Marketplace drivers to replace brominated fire retardants with non-halogenated fire retardants are being met with Momentive’s patented Durite® resin, featuring high flame retardancy without the customary bromine-based components – an example of bringing in new solutions to our customers.


Our specialties set us apart in the most advanced resin formulations, and at the same time we custom design our products to support customer and market needs.


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