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Urea-based Adhesives

Urea-based adhesives are the proven, cost-effective solution for many interior, Type II applications such as hardwood plywood, flooring and curved plywood.


These adhesives are low cost, fast setting, and allow for long assembly times. Both liquid/liquid and liquid/powder formats are available. Either light or dark glue lines may be specified.


Emissions from urea-based adhesives have been reduced by 80 to 90 percent since the late 70's and early 80's and are very low today. Find out more about these ultra-low emitting adhesives at



Cabinetry & Furniture

  • Proven and cost-effective
  • Fast curing
  • Capable of meeting or exceeding CPA EPP 0.2, E1 and CARB Phase 1 standards
  • For Type II applications
  • Liquid/liquid and liquid/powder options
  • Low-cost option for veneer overlays

Engineered Flooring & Laminated Flooring

  • Low cost
  • Excellent prepress properties for hot pressing veneers

Moulding & Millwork
Edge Gluing and Face Bonding

  • Proven and cost-effective
  • RF bonding formulations available
  • Capable of meeting or exceeding CPA EPP 0.2, E1 and CARB Phase 1 standards


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