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Phenol Resorcinol-based Adhesives

Glue laminated lumber, I-beam and finger-jointed stud manufacturers have made phenol resorcinol-based resins the industry standard for structural engineered wood applications.


The reason is thermal stability. The polymer matrix of these adhesives stays virtually intact as temperatures continue to rise, ensuring that they won't soften or flow when exposed to heat. They're thermally stable well past the combustion point of any wood.


Phenol resorcinol-based resins are two-part systems: liquid/liquid or liquid/powder. Formulations are available with a wide range of gel times and other manufacturing properties to fit most customer requirements.


Momentive's phenol resorcinol-based adhesive combination, AG-5675/FM-6310L, has been certified by the American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC) to meet the highest requirements for heat resistance in finger-jointed stud applications per Method A testing.


Momentive phenol resorcinol-based adhesives have also passed ASTM D-7247, the most rigorous test of adhesive bonds at elevated temperatures for laminated beams and I-joists.


In addition to their high heat performance, phenol resorcinol-based adhesives are also durable and waterproof. To meet specific production requirements, Momentive can adjust the speed of either the resin or catalyst.



Glulam Beams

  • More than 16 different product formulations matched to specific needs
  • Meet all Canadian and U.S. standards


  • Gold standard for strength and long-term durability in I-beam market
  • Benchmark for heat performance
  • E1 rating

Finger Jointed Studs

  • Certified for unrestricted use per Method A testing
  • Ideal when fast cure times are desirable





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