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Adhesives for Cabinets & Furniture

Momentive offers a full range of adhesives solutions for cabinetmakers and furniture manufacturers backed by unparalleled application expertise. We consider every aspect of your product challenge before recommending the most efficient and cost-effective adhesive. Whatever the substrate, the variety of veneers, or the assembly constraints you have to work with, we can help.


Adhesive expertise is only the beginning. We can also help you evaluate, select, and implement processes that move your production line faster and save on finishing.


We serve the following cabinet and furniture industry segments:



Residential or Commercial Use

Urea-based Resins

  • Proven and cost-effective
  • Fast curing
  • Capable of meeting or exceeding CPA EPP 0.2, E1 and CARB Phase 1 standards
  • For Type II applications
  • Liquid/liquid and liquid/powder options
  • Low-cost option for veneer overlays

Melamine Urea-based Resins

  • Ideal for Type I applications
  • Liquid/liquid and liquid/powder options (with catalyst and filler)
  • Ultra-low emitting, CARB Phase 2-compliant formulations available

Polyvinyl Acetate Resins

  • Most commonly used wood glue
  • Ideal for edge and face gluing solid wood
  • Excellent adhesion for paper laminates and foils
  • Ambient cure, heat cure and cold set formulations
  • Flexible and non-acidic

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Resins

  • For applications that require greater water resistance, lower temperature adhesion, or adhesion to nonporous surfaces such as vinyl foils or aluminum

The Technical Experts

Momentive supports you at every step of the adhesive selection and application process. If you have any concerns at startup or at any other time, Momentive’s technical representatives are available for consultation and assistance. We back all of our adhesives with these value-added services.


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