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To optimize the efficiency, quality and performance of your resin systems, Momentive provides a variety of catalyst systems, buffers, phenolic accelerators and extenders such as wheat flour. These include:

  • “Fast-Cure” catalyst systems for phenol formaldehyde LVL resins that have shown capacity gains of 20 to 30 percent on existing presses and can be tailored to fit each manufacturer’s operational parameters
  • “Fast-Cure” UF catalyst systems designed for maximum production but offering excellent cleanup
  • Buffer catalyst systems (liquid and powdered) that allow for maximum production and extended potlife during extreme operating conditions
  • Buffers that add additional protection in extreme operating conditions that can be “add mixed” and tailored for specific product lines
  • Accelerators used in extreme cold conditions for improved tack and press performance
  • Accelerators/modifiers/catalyst options for PF resins – they can solve production bottlenecks with thicker panels or where line speed exceeds press speed due to cure rate; benefits include higher productivity, lower fall down material and reduced warping
  • Extenders with specific targets for protein content, water taking capacity and ash content that contribute to better adhesive spread control, tack and consistent viscosity
  • Wheat flour available for ultimate control in hardwood plywood glue mixes
  • Full range of wax products available for use as barrier devices or sizing situations


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