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The cost efficiencies and proven performance of amino-based resins are well known throughout the plywood industry. Momentive offers a full line of products from lowest cost, fast curing base urea formaldehyde resins for interior applications that don't require significant moisture resistance to highly moisture resistant melamine-urea formaldehyde products to low-emitting technologies.


Formaldehyde emissions from wood products is one of the hot topics in the industry today and an increasing concern among manufacturers, specifiers, regulatory agencies and consumers. To assist plywood producers in meeting the most stringent “green” construction and formaldehyde emission standards, Momentive offers a range of EcoBind™ resin technologies.


Composite Core, Veneer Core and Flooring Resins



Standard UF Resins

  • Lowest cost
  • Fast curing
  • Suitable for interior applications that do not require significant moisture resistance

MUF Resins 

  • Higher moisture resistance
  • Ideal for bathroom cabinetry or flooring substrates
  • Melamine content adjusted based on desired level of moisture resistance

Low-fuming UF and MUF Resins

 • CARB Phase I Compliant

  • Emission levels to 0.09 ppm or below
  • Technologies include low mole ratio, one-part resins and scavenger solutions
  • Meet CPA EPP 0.2 standard
  • Comply with CARB Phasel I targets

Low-Fuming UF and MUF Resins

 • CARB Phase II Compliant

  • Emission levels to 0.03 ppm or below
  • Technologies include polymer-enhancing additives that reduce emissions without adversely affecting cure rates
  • Comply with CARB Phase II targets
Liquid Meter-mixed Systems
  • Two-component adhesive systems consisting of liquid resin and liquid catalyst
  • Ideal for fast curing and low temperature gluing applications

Type I High Water-durable Systems

  • Crosslink PVA systems, LEED compliant
  • Melamine fortified UF adhesives


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