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Titanium Diboride (TiB2) Powder

Titanium Diboride (TiB2) is produced by Momentive using a continuous chemical process that controls stoichiometry and particle size to create high purity powders with consistent properties.   TiB2 ceramics combine superior hardness and corrosion resistance with a high melting point (>2900°C) and good oxidation resistance to 1000°C.



Key Properties

  • Extreme Hardness
    Nearly as hard as diamonds when sintered, TiB2 is tough enough to be used as military armor and is a valuable addition to improve the fracture toughness of ceramic cutting tools and other components.
  • Electrical/Thermal Conductivity
    Excellent conductivity of both electricity and heat makes TiB2 valuable in electronic and specialty applications.  Its flat, plate-shaped particles also enhance thermal conductivity when used as a filler in polymeric matrices.
  • Chemical Resistance
    Titanium Diboride will not react with molten, nonferrous metals including Cu, Zn and Al.  This enables TiB2 to be used as crucibles, vacuum metallization components and electrodes when processing these materials.
  • Simplified Fabrication
    Titanium Diboride powders may typically be hot-pressed or HIP'd into desired shapes.  Electrical conductivity also enables these ceramic forms to be fabricated into close tolerance, complex shapes using EDM techniques.


A Variety of Powder Grades 

  • HCT30
    A high purity powder with low levels of carbon, oxygen and nitrogen. It has low surface area and a mean particle size of 14μm.





  • HCTF
    Grade HCTF powders are designed for use in applications requiring reduced particle size without sacrificing high purity.





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