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High Thermal Conductivity Graphite and Composites

Momentive has developed a family of thermal materials based upon its high conductivity thermal pyrolytic graphite material.






TPG (thermal pyrolytic graphite) is a unique form of pyrolytic graphite manufactured from thermal decomposition of hydrocarbon gas in a high temperature chemical vapordeposition reactor.


  • Thermal conductivity >4 times copper
  • Lighter than aluminum
  • Compatible with many encapsulating techniques
  • Sizes from dies and packages to PWB’s
  • Passive, high performance heat transfer


  • Highly oriented crystals in a layered structure
  • In-plane conductivity typically >1500 watts/m-K
  • Fully dense ceramic
  • High c -direction modulus, contributing to improved section properties in composite structures
  • Layered structure avoids brittle, catastrophic failure
  • Easily machined, provided as plates or as final shapes
  • Thickness ranges from less than 0.010" (0.25 mm) toover 0.200" (5 mm)
  • Plate sizes up to 5" (125 mm) x 20" (500 mm)
  • Special sizes can usually be provided upon request



TC1050 consists of a TPG core encapsulated within a structural shell. The TPG provides a highly conductive path while the encapsulation material provides the structure (strength, stiffness, and coefficient of thermal expansion).



Common Encapsulation Materials

  • Aluminum (TC1050.Al)
  • Copper (TC1050.Cu)
  • Other encapsulations and systems are often available,  such as kovar, tungsten/copper, carbon fiber  composites, etc.
  • The thermal expansion properties are defined by the selectionof the encapsulating material.



  • Thermal conductivity to 3 times copper
  • Lighter than aluminum
  • Adjustable coefficients of thermal expansion
  • Low thermal resistance
  • High reliability from passive conduction
  • Sizes from diode mounts to whole chassis panels





*TPG and *TC1050 are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.


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