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New Options for Pressure Sensitive Adhesives 


Low surface energy adhesion and optical clarity are demands in many of today’s high-end applications.  Combining unique chemistry with performance know-how, Momentive Specialty Chemicals offers producers of specialty label and tape stock two new high performing solutions.

The Synthebond™ 7201LSE's unique formula creates strong adhesion to low energy surfaces without the use of tackifiers.  The exclusion of tackifiers allows the adhesive to maintain its excellent optical clarity and color stability, while also enabling its water resistance and high adhesion after prolonged exposure to water or high humidity.

The Synthebond™ 7701 provides excellent blush resistance and a strong balance of peel and shear properties, to offer the adhesive performance and high-end clear look the market demands in a wide range of film applications.

Both products are available as polymers or coater-ready, and can be customized to your unique requirements. 


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