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EPIKURE Curing Agents for Epoxy Resins

Momentive Specialty Chemicals offers one of the broadest lines of epoxy curing agents in our EPIKURE specialty products. As a leader in the epoxy resin industry, we're committed to constantly improving and strengthening our innovative line of epoxy resin and curing agent systems. Our extensive product line includes several high performance specialty curatives to meet difficult coatings requirements. We offer amine hardeners that are designed for low temperature cure, blush-free film, surface-tolerant tank linings, underwater cure and MDA replacements.

At Momentive, we're continually working to satisfy the various performance needs of our customers. The numerous epoxy curing agent technologies offered by Momentive also enable our customers to tailor the performance of their formulations to meet the challenging demands of their customers, while satisfying regulatory requirements.


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EPIKURE curing agent products find many uses in coatings, adhesives, potting, encapsulating, molding and fiber-reinforced (FRP) and other applications. Popular coatings end-use areas include marine, industrial maintenance pipe linings, automotive refinish, civil engineering and secondary containment.

See the "Starting Formulations" section for Starting Formulations and additional information.


  • EPIKURE curing agents are available in drum quantities through our extensive distributor network.
  • Larger quantities are available directly from Momentive by contacting a Customer Service representative. 


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