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A Legacy of Innovation

formaldehyde-secondary We are an industry leader in advocating the safe and responsible use of formaldehyde and formaldehyde-based materials. Momentive continually looks for better ways to produce and deliver formaldehyde and sponsors ongoing scientific research into this vital chemical product.

Formaldehyde & Derivatives

Essential for Life

Thousands of the items you interact with everyday contain formaldehyde in some form, including your own body and the air you breathe. Momentive is the world’s leading source of this versatile building-block material.

With our extensive formaldehyde manufacturing grid, you can count on us for reliable supply, reduced shipping costs and quick delivery.

Our formaldehyde derivatives, like Hexamine, Methaform and Urea concentrates, along with our industry-leading supply of a wide variety of specialty products derived from formaldehyde, like thermoset resins, ensure our customers get exactly what they need, no matter what the application.


Additional resources on formaldehyde:

Formacare is the formaldehyde sector group of the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) that promotes the safe use and manufacturing of formaldehyde in accordance with the strictest health and safety regulations.


Formacare cooperates with the American Chemistry Council (ACC) Formaldehyde Panel.


ACC's Formaldehyde Panel developed a video to highlight how many of the advancements in construction materials and methods may not exist without the chemistry of formaldehyde. To learn more, visit to watch Formaldehyde Use in Building and Construction.