A Legacy of Innovation

UrethaneAdditivesFeature In the spirit of sustainability, Momentive developed Niax* silicone L-670, a new surfactant that enables manufacturers to substitute natural (such as soybean) oil-based polyols for a percentage of the usual petroleum-based polyols used to make flexible foam in furniture and bedding.

Urethane Additives

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Rethinking Polyurethanes: Performance, Reliability, Variety

Getting polyurethane foam just right can be challenging. Momentive can help. When it comes to additives for polyurethane foam production, Momentive is a global leader. We offer one of the most diverse additive product lines in the industry, ranging from a broad array of silicone stabilizers to a full line of tertiary amine catalysts to a selection of organic-based polyurethane foam property modifiers.


For flexible polyurethane foam, our Niax* products can provide a multitude of benefits, such as open and fine cells, highly effective fire retardance, foam rise vs. stabilization, high yield/low scrap, improved density distribution and low volatile organic compound (VOC) emission.


For rigid polyurethane foam, Niax products can provide improved blowing agent compatibility, solubility and miscibility along with improved thermal conductivity, dimensional stability, flow, leveling, voids reduction and adhesion promotion. In addition, our Geolite* Modifiers can help flexible slabstock foam producers broaden their offering of foam grades.


Only you know your process sticking points. Selective fine-tuning with Momentive’s urethane additives can boost your plant’s efficiency and ensure that your foam comes out exactly the way it’s supposed to, this time and every time.


*Niax and Geolite are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.