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A Legacy of Innovation

TraditionalSilanesFeature Momentive’s latest NXT Z* silane coupling agents not only raise the tire-performance bar with improved dynamic and physical properties, but also virtually eliminate the ethanol that is released during the manufacture and use of silica tires.


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Adhesion, Crosslinking & Protecting


A tire with improved rolling resistance and wet traction; an epoxy paint with better adhesion, enhanced corrosion resistance, and lower VOC. What do these products have in common?


Momentive silanes can help in a wide variety of industries and applications by extending product life, enhancing product performance, and expanding a product’s usefulness. By promoting adhesion, coupling, or crosslinking; by improving flow and leveling; or by enhancing a protective coating, incorporation of these products can make normal materials extraordinary.


To find consumer products and industrial processing aids featuring Momentive silanes, look for our well-known trademarks such as Silquest*, CoatOSil*, NXT*, SPUR+* and Tospearl*.




 *Silquest, CoatOSil, NXT, SPUR+ and Tospearl are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.