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Momentive is the leader in oilfield stimulation. Back in the 1980's we pioneered resin-coated proppant technology to increase fracture flow capacity—now an invaluable tool in the oil and gas industry.

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Improving Productivity, from the Reservoir to the Refinery

Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc. (Momentive) provides a range of products to oil and gas producers with a focus on maximizing ROI.  We provide solutions for drilling, cementing, stimulation, and production.


Momentive is the world's largest supplier of specialty proppants for use in hydraulic fracturing. Our advanced resin coated proppants (RCPs) are used to increase the production of oil and gas in a variety of well conditions. We invented the technology over 25 years ago to help our customers optimize hydraulic fracturing treatments and enhance hydrocarbon recovery.


We pioneered the discovery, development and commercialization of silicone-based materials over 60 years ago and continue to maintain our commitment to this segment by focusing on innovation and new product development. We are a leading supplier of silicone-based materials for use in the oil and gas industry that includes both silicone-based polymers as well as monomeric silanes. These versatile materials deliver benefits such as foam control, improved demulsification or surface modification of filler or geological formations under demanding conditions.


Our hydrogen sulfide (H2S) scavengers are effective for crude oil, natural gas, LPG and SAGD. Typical treatments occur at the wellsite, on production platforms, in ships, pipelines, and refineries. We maintain a global presence for efficient distribution of these products around the world.


Momentive's epoxy resin technologies are used in the production of composite pipes and liners, composite tanks, spoolable tubing and buoyancy modules - for the tough, mission-critical applications of the oil and gas industry. Momentive's epoxy resin powder coating technologies are used for exterior coating of steel oil and gas transmission pipe to prevent corrosion.


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