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A Legacy of Innovation

Electronics Feature Image Today, thermoset resins are a key to many, if not most, applications in electronic technology, from industrial automation to your favorite DVD. And Momentive leads the way in delivering state-of-the-art thermoset technologies.


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 Phenolic & Amino Resins
 Versatic Derivatives

Smart Electronics Start with Momentive Materials

Manufacturers of sophisticated electronics rely on Momentive to fill critical processing needs and supply vital properties to their components. Our extensive portfolio of specialty resins and advanced materials deliver solutions from the circuit board to the display. Some of the applications where we are leading innovation include:


  • Novolac resins that serve as curing/hardening agents in the epoxy resin formulations used to produce printed circuit boards
  • Silicone-based materials that help to insulate, protect and transfer heat from microelectronic chips
  • UV-resistant TPE intermediates for epoxy resins that enable thinner laminate production
  • High-performance binding ingredients for packaging semiconductor chips
  • Tough, high-clarity hardcoats for flat panel displays
  • Low-ionic resins for finer-line-resolution photoresist solutions
  • Ultra-clear liquid silicone rubber for LEDs in flat panel displays

Momentive materials can be found in devices ranging from computers to cameras and televisions to telephones, enabling the next generation of advanced, “smart” electronics.