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A Legacy of Innovation

Ecobind Logo EcobindTM resin technology is a family of products specifically developed to reduce formaldehyde emissions from wood products to the lowest possible levels. Find out more at


 Acrylic Monomers
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 Concrete Curing Compounds
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 Powder Coating Resins
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Materials that are Building the Future

Momentive supplies a broad range of materials and expertise to the building products and construction industries. Our products can be found in every part of commercial and residential structures, improving structural strength and safety, boosting energy efficiency, increasing durability and enhancing aesthetics.


Just some of the applications where we add value include:


  • low-emitting, high performing binder resins for composite wood products
  • sealants for everything from roofing systems to foundations to bathtubs
  • resins and additives for hard-wearing, better adhering architectural coatings
  • environmentally responsible, water resistant masonry resins and silanes
  • the most thermally-stable adhesives for structural wood products
  • silicones for structural glazing used in windows and doors to large curtain walls
  • insulating foam resins and urethane additives
  • polyester powder coating resins that impart high exterior durablility to aluminum window frames and are especially suited for three-dimensional shapes

Whatever your application or technology need, every Momentive product is backed by superior technical service and support. We’re committed to building relationships that result in building innovation.


Formaldehyde Use in Building and Construction
American Chemistry Council's Formaldehyde Panel developed a video to highlight how many of the advancements in construction materials and methods may not exist without the chemistry of formaldehyde. To learn more about formaldehyde's use in the building and construction industry, please visit