A Legacy of Innovation

grapes Experts say that by 2050 population figures will near 9 billion. While farmland is finite, human resourcefulness is not. At Momentive, we consider it our responsibility to help support the methods of modern agriculture while being responsible stewards of the earth.


 Formaldehyde & Derivatives
 Versatic Derivatives

Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Production

To help meet production demands in an environmentally suitable manner, modern agriculture relies on Momentive's products and technological innovations. Momentive supplies the building-block chemicals for many of the fertilizers and crop-protection products in use today.

Increasing crop yields, dealing with pests and managing changes in the ecosystem are challenges facing everyone in the agricultural arena. By developing and delivering the right formulations of formaldehyde, formaldehyde derivatives and urea formaldehyde concentrates, Momentive helps ensure the future, not just of the industry, but of a way of life.

Our raw materials for the agriculture industry help manufacturers: 

  • Optimize agricultural production
  • Improve nutrition
  • Enhance quality of life