A Legacy of Innovation

Home-Care_rightSilicone is outstanding at spreading, wetting and penetrating into cracks, crevices and other niches. It is this property that helps household cleaners, disinfectants and other hard surface treatments perform more efficiently.

Home Care

 Silicone Fluids

Bringing Benefits Home

Silicone fluids technology makes the difference in household products and polishes – and the difference is plain to see and feel.


It’s the difference between a car wax that is sticky and streaky and one that is easily applied and removed, leaving a brilliant and long-lasting shine.


It’s the difference between fabrics that feel soft and comfortable and those that feel scratchy and stiff.


Our range of home care silicone products can make the difference in:

  • Laundry detergents that improve the softness, comfort and feel of clothing
  • Furniture polishes that deliver a protective, high-gloss shine with little elbow grease
  • Window cleaners with better lubricity and easier “wipe off”
  • Tire dressings that make tires look like new
  • Textile products with water and stain repellency
  • Aerosol and liquid starches that provide non-stick, easy ironing