A Legacy of Innovation

Consumer-Goods_rightMomentive’s unique portfolio of high consistency elastomers and liquid silicone rubbers is the starting point for new and creative ideas across hundreds of consumer goods. Our epoxy resins and hardeners are the basis for distinctive new products in the recreation market.

Consumer Goods

 Acrylic Monomers
 Epoxy Resins, Curing Agents, & Modifiers
 Silicone Elastomers

Touching Your Life - Everyday

From shoe inserts to surfboards, a wide variety of consumer goods and home appliances are manufactured using products from Momentive.


Our silicone elastomers products can provide heat resistance, flame retardancy and moisture/dirt protection, making them excellent choices for a variety of sealing, bonding and insulating applications for everything from bakeware and kitchen utensils to keypads and infant care products.


Our epoxy systems are used to manufacture a wide range of sporting goods including golf clubs, tennis rackets, snow and water skis, bicycles, boats and other items where strength, durability and resistance to tough environmental conditions are all required.